January Detox Programme

2 Weeks of living clean…

We are now 2 weeks into our 28 day detox programme and the 12 strong group who have all suffered with acute withdrawal symptoms are now starting to feel the positives of the dietary restrictions they have implemented. Here’s a quick overview of their dietary guidelines:

No sugar

No grains

No legumes

No dairy

No alcohol

No caffeine

No artificial sweeteners

Sounds fun hey!?

The objective is to remove the primary food and drink that can cause inflammation, and let the body recover – we call this a reset. After these foods have been removed from the diet for 28 days we will slowly reintroduce them and monitor any side effects/ symptoms from their consumption. If there are negative symptoms then it is possible that the individual has a sensitivity to the this food and it is better avoided in the immediate future.

Our aim is to help our clients lower the level of inflammation in the body as we know that chronic levels of inflammation are heavily linked to serious metabolic disorders such as diabetes and a wide range of coronary conditions.

Anyway back to the good stuff …here’s some of the groups comments since they got through the first few days of discomfort (🤭)

‘Head gone energy levels up, sleeping better’

‘Feel alert and healthy’

‘Energy good. Feel empty but not hungry. Feel alert and sleeping well’

‘Feeling significantly better both physically and mentally….more energy and a clearer head’

So things are on the up. The body has started to regulate as the adrenal system no longer craves hits of sugar or caffeine to provide energy boosts. Now that they are utilising the fat stores in their body more efficiently they are no longer getting hungry between feeds like they did prior to starting the programme. This helps with concentration, mental clarity and decision making and you don’t spend half your day thinking about food!

12 days to go…..keep it up Detox Crew!

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