Staying fit and active whilst the gyms are shut and social restrictions are in place is more important than ever to help preserve our physical robustness and support our mental well being. Granted, this time it feels harder as the nights are shorter, the days are colder and generally we are spending more time indoors sat on our backsides. This is why a simple plan that is easy to execute is really important right now.

The most effective training program is the one that you perform consistently.

With this in mind try to keep it simple and concise. Use exercises that you know how to do well and you enjoy. Keep your sessions short but high quality (focused and high energy). Train the full body. Train both strength and aerobic systems.

Here’s an example 3 day home training program to illustrate.

The workout’s each take less than 30 minutes to complete, they challenge different muscle fibre qualities (fast and slow twitch) and over the course of the week you will train the full body. Plug in your own exercises to suit your own training goals and preferences.

Warm up: each session should start with at least a 5 minute warm up featuring the major movement patterns such squats, lunges (all directions), hinge pattern (deadlift variations), push (press ups), Pull (trx if available), core activation (eg plank) and the priority mobility exercises for your body. Increase the speed of movements during the warm up to finish warm with an elevated heart rate.

Day 1

A1 KB Swings x 15 (if you don’t have a Kettlebell perform 10 standing long jumps instead)
A2 Press Ups x 8-10
Perform both exercises back to back and then rest until breathing becomes slow and controlled X 10 rounds

Day 2

A1. KB Squat Jumps x 10 secs (if you don’t have a kettlebell do 15 seconds of bodyweight squat jumps) perform as many reps as possible in 10 seconds, then for the remainder of the minute perform star jumps for active recovery and then repeat on the minute every minute for 10 minutes.

B1. Band Pull Aparts x 10/20/30 secs (if you don’t have a band perform T Raises)
B2. Plank x 10/20/30 secs
Perform as a superset (B1 followed by B2) in increasing length sets after you have completed 30 secs of each exercises rest 1 minute and repeat x 3 sets total

Day 3

  1. RFESS (rear foot elevated split squats) x 20 each leg hold bottom of last rep as long as possible x 3 sets (elevate rear leg on chair or sofa)
    Rest 90 seconds between sets

  2. a. Press Up Rotations (perform as many reps as possible)
    b. Superman x 30 secs
    c. Hollow Hold x max hold
    Rest 1 minute between sets x 3 sets total

NB All of these exercises can be found easily on youtube but if you need help please feel free to contact ​