About Us.

Studio 121 is a Personal Training company who’s primary aim is to create improved health, well being and fitness for our clients. We deliver this by teaching our clients how to exercise effectively and safely, through ongoing education, by making exercise enjoyable, and most importantly understanding and valuing every clients needs.

The facility that we work from is fundamental to our success in achieving this aim. We operate from a Private Gym dedicated to our clients where they feel safe and don’t feel self conscious. Our clients have access to the best training kit when needed without disruption and they can change and shower in a clean, temperate environment.

All of the trainers at Studio 121 have different characteristics and abilities but they share the same ethos.  Our clients goals become our goals and in every case we aim to make the clients experience enjoyable and memorable. We want to change peoples outlook on exercise and nutrition so that lifestyle changes are implemented that keep our clients in great health for many years to come.